Two Things in the Morning

Two things I want to write about this morning.

First, I had a dream about my uncle and Jasmine. At first my dream seemed to be about Jeff and I. We were arguing because he had made plans for Sunday without talking to me. I said, “You’ve done it again! I asked you the last time to talk to me before you make plans!” And he said, “Oh, so we only do what you want to do?” And I yelled, exasperated, “No, so we can make a choice about it!” I was really frustrated with him and we traipsed all over the house (which was not my house) yelling at each other. Suddenly I was standing in the kitchen and my uncle Ronnie appeared at my side. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll take care of Jasmine.” And I woke up.

When I first woke up, I wondered, for a moment, why I was dreaming about Jeff and I arguing like that when everything has been fine. Usually I only have dreams like that when there is some underlying tension in our relationship. Then the last bit of the dream hit me.

Several weeks before Jasmine died, I had a dream with my uncle, who died in 2002, in it. Some of you might remember me talking about it because I was frustrated by not being able to remember what he was trying to tell me — and it had been important. I still don’t remember, but I wonder now if he was trying to tell me about Jasmine and I just blocked it out, not wanting to know.

I don’t often dream about people who have passed, and when I do, and they say something to me directly that has relevance, I pay attention. If my uncle is somehow caring for Jasmine, I find peace in that. He was my favorite uncle when I was a kid. I like to imagine him walking across some otherworld river bottom with Jasmine on his shoulders.

Second thing, my UU church rocks! They are just the best. They supported us through the time Jasmine was in the hospital by bringing us meals and sending notes of support. They helped us create and carry out a beautiful memorial service for Jasmine, complete with a lovely reception. Many, many members sent us cards and notes after Jasmine died. And even today, I received a note from a member with gift certificates to a local restaurant. I cannot sing loudly enough their praises. Even though we were relatively new to the congregation, they supported us as if we had been going for all our lives. So kudos to the Bloomington Unitarian Universalist church. They rocketh!

Oh yeah, one other very cool thing. My Mom left me a comment yesterday. How cool is that, hm? Jeff? She just got her computer at Christmas and she is quickly becoming a geek — go Mom! I am proud of you!

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