My Tarot Profile

The following cards, used in meditation and visualizations, can help you find significance, purpose and direction in your life.

Personality Card: Wheel of Fortune (10)
Indicates my life purposes, aspirations and lessons to be learned.

Soul Card: Magician (1)
Indicates my soul purpose and qualities that will assist me.

Sun Sign Card: Temperance (14)
Indicates what I need for self-expression

Current Year Card: Justice/Adjustment (11)
Indicates qualities I need to develop this year.

Upcoming Years

2005: Hermit (9)
2006: Wheel of Fortune (10) *
2007: Strength (8)

Past Years

2003: Chariot (7)
2002: Lovers (6)
2001: Hierophant (5)

Numerological Lessons & Opportunites Cards: 10 of Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles

Zodiac Lessons & Opportunities Cards: 8, 9 & 10 of Wands

Destiny Card: 10 of Wands
The minor arcana card indicating the fundamental impulses, desires and reactions of myself as an individual.

Persona Cards:

Personal Potential Card: Knight of Wands

Inner Teacher Card: King of Wands

Mode of Expression in the World: Queen of Cups

So what does it all mean?

My Personality Card is the Wheel of Fortune. This card is about my life purpose, my aspirations and life lessons.

The general qualities of that card are prosperity; abundance cycles; evolution and involution; probability; breakthrough; chance.

Examples of archetypes/manifestations are mandala; circle; prayer wheels; rosaries; worrybeads; roulet; concepts of destiny and fate; chakras; merry-go-rounds; ferris wheels; compass; clocks; medicine wheels.

Things associated with this card include the laws of karma and reincarnation; natural consequences of our actions; cycles and turning points; initiation; finding cycles or recurring motifs in life; changes in the circumstances in life (in which there is no choice); optimism; generosity; adapting to change, bringing in new resources, people, money; luck; unexpected windfall; coming into the limelight; having a central focus or purpose around which everything revolves; beginnings and endings, the change of seasons; excessive pride; extravagance; overindulgence.

My gifts include enhanced creativity and fortune; communication; inspired thinking; love with wisdom; truth and authenticity; success; teamwork and partnership.

My challenges are to trust and execute that which is original and could be fortunate for self and others; ruin; oppression.

Angeles Arrien says “With this symbol as your life-time creative symbol, you are stimulated by that which is creative and original. You are inspired by doing something creative that has not been done before, or if it has been done before, you see ways in which that idea can be put into another context that has not been considered. Inherently within your nature is a desire to explore that which is pioneering, futuristic, and ahead of its time. Like a sixth sense, you can readily assess what is financially or creatively viable as an opportunity and that which is not. You are flexible and resilient like the monkey and are able to see new possibilities and opportunities for creative expression like the crocodile, and its keys.

My Soul Card is the Magician. This card indicates my soul purpose and qualities that will assist me.

The general qualities of that card are expression; communication timing; flexibility.

Examples of archetypes/manifestations are wizards; Merlin; Mercury; tv/media; satellites; shaman; sorceror; computers.

Things associated with this card include consciousness; a sense of self; focusing attention on a project or goal; singleness of purpose; commitment; being in control; dexterity; skill; manual ability; craftiness; cunning; cleverness; mischievousness; organizational skills; manipulating nature and others to harness their energies; magical and occult powers; communication; using skills of writing, speaking, persuation; the animus, or one’s sense of self.

My Sun Sign Card is Temperance. This card indicates what I need for self-expression.

The general qualities are synergy; alchemy; combination; integration; assimilation.

Examples of archetypes/manifestations are creation myths; Philosopher’s Stone; Artemis; centaur; sphinx; consumation; artists; writers; musicians; miners; mythologists and symbolists.

Things associated with this card include fiery enthusiam; feelings of confidence and optimism; being outspoken; frank expression of thoughts; being open-minded, free, expansive, independent; handling volatile situations well; being healed; tempering life and finding the right combinations of things to make one well; doing physical and spiritual healing work, circulation of an inner vital current of energy; working with an inner guide, guardian angel or benefactor; cooperation; self-testing; recognizing and using resources available; organization and planning; combining materials, resources, people or ideas into new forms; creative activity; communicating ideas to the public.

My current Year Card is Justice/Adjustment. This card represents the tests, lessons and experiences of 2004.

The general qualities are balance; truth; arbitration; measure; legality.

Examples of archetypes/manifestations are scales; measuring devices; trials; juries; dharma; karmic adjustment; writing; publishing; equalization; Themis; Maat; Titaness.

Things associated with this card include deliberating on which action to take; action suspended until a decision is reached; needing to establish equilibrium, poise, balance, harmony; finding the equilibrium between understanding and action, truth and justice, self and other; balancing accounts; ability to see both sides of an issue; ability to discriminate and peel off outer layers to perceive real motivations; recognizing the truth about self; law of cause and effect; finding an appropriate response.

Angeles Arrien says “Whenever you have the Adjustment/Justice card as a growth symbol, it is the best year to bring what has been out of balance in your life back into balance. It is a good time to balance financial and legal considerations (the scales), attend to health (the four elongated pillars in the background of the card), and to implement new ideas in practical ways (the sword touching the ground).

Adjustment years are good years to simplify your life. Often you might find yourself cleaning out basements, garages, closets for the purpose of letting go of clutter or unused items in your life. Clarity, order and balance become increasingly important to you during this year. Your own illusions, delusions, or self-deceptions will become intolerable, as will your ability to tolerate the deceptions or illusions of others. Truth and authenticity are qualities that you reclaim for yourself during this year.

Nature and being in nature becomes a healing and rejuvenating resource for you. The combinations of water, greenery, and sunlight bring a sense of balance and healing within your own nature. Spending time outdoors becomes a priority for you.

Libra people function as important mirrors and teachers to you during this year. It is the best year to resolve issues with Libra people in your life; or to learn from Libra people about the art and craft of balance that can restore simplicity and healing in your life.”

My Numerological Lessons & Opportunites Cards are the 10 of Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles. These cards are an extension of the challenges and opportunities offered by my Personality Card.

Wands are the spiritual suit, the suit concerned with energy and life-force. Wands also represent intuition, insight and perception — a picture of truth and authenticity. Cups are the emotional suit, reflecting the consciousness of emotions and the response and reaction therein. Swords are about the mental level of consciousness. These cards are about the quality of thoughts, attitude and beliefs. Pentacles are about external reality — health, finances, work, creativity or relationships. It’s about things that manifest and are tangible.

10 cards are about the sum total of all that’s been done from the beginning; culmination; rebelliousness or an exaggeration of the suit.

My Sun Sign Lessons & Opportunities Cards are the 8, 9 and 10 of Wands. These cards are further illuminations of the challenges and opportunities of my Sun Sign Card and are related to my self-expression.

The 8 of Wands is about infatuation or falling in love; activities and energy speeding up; rapid growth and development; fast thinking and communication. It symbolizes the quality of swiftness. When this card is present, it is a reminder to take swift action and communicate directly in order to eliminate patterns of procrastination.

The 9 of Wands is about wisdom and discipline from experience; independence; dedication to a cause; strength and persistence of purpose; defensiveness. It indicates strength of vision, perception and intuition. When this card is present, it indicates there is unlimited strength to call upon to manifest vision, insights and perceptions that are important.

The 10 of Wands is about responsibilities; perseverance in meeting a goal; burdens; resentfulness. It symbolizes oppressing oneself, holding back. When this card is present, it indicates the importance of releasing self-oppression or restrictions on self-expression.

My Destiny Card is the 10 of Wands. This card indicates the fundamental impulses, desires and reactions of myself as an individual.

My Personal Potential Card is the Knight of Wands. I interpret this card to represent the potential for my life purpose.

The Knight of Wands is dynamic mastery of unlimited creative expression that it totally inspired from deep within. He demonstrates self trust in letting the creative process flow and not restrict or restain it in any way. The Knight represents a deep passion for one’s creativity. Mastery of Inspired Creativity.

My Inner Teacher Card is the King of Wands. I interpret this card to be about the deep inner wisdom of my divinity.

The King of Wands is commited to the principle of spiritual growth and evolution. This is the visionary and energetic King who is unwilling to edit, rehearse or hold back any part of who he is… This is the Vision Quester who has attained a signficant vision and is mobilizing all energy to actualize it. Mastery of Vision and Vitality.

My Mode of Expression in the World Card is the Queen of Cups. I interpret this card to be the way I express myself in the world.

The Queen of Cups is a symbol which represents mastery of emotional integrity. She is determined to express herself accurately as she gives birth to new forms, new talents, new identities and new life. She is the expression of emotional authenticity and congruity about motherhood issues and issues surrounding maternal or female authority figures in one’s life. She represents the constant practice of owning one’s feelings and expressing them without blame or judgment. She communicates her feelings accurately and openly. She does not use her feelings to attack others nor does she apologize for her feelings.

So what comes up over and over — communication/writing; self-expression and creativity; vision and innovation; organizational skills; cycles; spirituality. What do you think? Leave me comments.

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