Mother’s Day 2004

Mother’s Day was very bittersweet, to use Marcy’s phrase. I kept thinking back to last year, anticipating Nina’s arrival, living in the apartment in St. Louis. I was extremely uncomfortable with Nina and spent a lot of time in bed, playing Neverwinter Nights on the laptop. After listening to me complain about my legs getting hot, the girls and Jeff decided to get me a lap tray. They also got me flowers and a water fountain, which they arranged nicely out on the kitchen table. Jasmine was just starting to get her caterpillar eyebrows in.

This year Nina was sick and didn’t sleep much Saturday night. Breakfast in bed was totally out of the question as Jeff, Nina and I were too cranky and tired to make it happen. Eventually Jeff and I both had naps, so our moods, at least, improved. We ended up taking Nina into PromptCare on Saturday because she just wasn’t doing well. The doctor gave her an antibiotic for an infection in both ears and sent us on our way. So yesterday we were watching closely for improvements.

Gabrielle made me some great gifts at school — books of poems she wrote, which I love. She also gave me a little spider plant, but Rosie (one of our cats) quickly dispensed of that. She thought it was a kitty treat. Gab was really cute — she put my card in the mailbox outside and then acted all puzzled because there was mail on a Sunday. It was obviously from her, as it was oversized, with her trademark hearts and stars all over it. I played along and went out to get it, then gave her a big hug.

The best part of the day, though, came in the afternoon while we all sat outside, Nina and I on her quilt in the grass, and Jeff and Gab working on my other Mother’s Day present. I love my yard.

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