River Reads

Yesterday I had a reading with River about how to best help Jeff get a job. I didn’t attach a place to that job, though we did talk about that a little bit too. It was an excellent reading — not surprisingly. If you haven’t had a reading with River, she does them by phone too, and she is really amazing. In person is best, though, I think.

First we did year cards — Jeff is in his Wheel year and I am in my Chariot year. Together we make the Star, a card that has been present in just about every reading I’ve done recently. River pointed out how the Wheel is my card, as I’ve mentioned before, and how even the Charioteer has the wheel in its lap in the Crowley deck.

I won’t take up space with the cards we drew, but the reading was uncanny. The significator card was the High Priestess, which happens to be Jeff’s soul card. The upshot was, the way I can help him is to help him figure out what kind of career would really feed his soul and keep him centered — and then to help him find the form to make it happen. I have already started working with him on this, although he may not be aware that’s what I’m doing.

River also mentioned really paying attention to what our bodies tell us while we’re in Arizona, as well as here. It is clear to me from all these readings I’ve done that this decision is not an intellectual one AND that there is no wrong move. Either way things will be good. So I’m really looking forward to next week, to the trip. I plan to seriously spend some time feeling my way around and recording what I find. I might even like to do some ritual work around this, maybe trancing, if any of my AZ friends are up for that. If you’re game, leave me a comment!

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