I’m A Loser, Bay – Bee

Criminy, I’m such a LOSER! I don’t know what the deal is, but I cannot keep track of my appointments lately to save my pathetic loser life. Couple of weeks ago I stood up my friend for a morning bike ride, which meant, friends and neighbors, she sat on a cold trail waiting for my sorry ass while I slept in my warm bed, oblivious. Nina had a doctor’s appointment yesterday — just your average year-old check ’em up, but I forgot and so we rescheduled for Monday. Hope I remember. Heh. Then today, a good friend of mine from State Farm, who I rarely see these days, stopped by for a scheduled day o’ fun, but could I be bothered to remember? Hell, no. I was like a frat boy caught two-timing, with one good friend in the bedroom on a conference call and the other standing at my door reading my loser-ness written all over my face. What is the deal? Is this part of grieving? I lose my freaking marbles and can’t even remember the things I was looking forward to? Ugh, I HATE it!

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