12 Material Things

From Daydreaming on Paper:

If you were only allowed to have 12 material possessions, what would they be and why?

These are in the order they occurred to me, which is not necessarily the order of importance.

1. My bed — because I love it and I’m much easier to get along with when I’ve slept well.
2. My laptop — because I really need to write and connect with people.
3. My mp3 player — because life is very colorless without music.
4. One pair of jeans — because if I can only have one thing to wear, I’m going with warm, durable and comfortable.
5. One t-shirt — same reason. I don’t wanna be topless.
6. Jasmine’s Ash Box — because it’s all I have left of her.
7. My djembe — because if I only had 12 material possessions, I would want something to bang on.
8. A brush — because as much as I admire dreads, I don’t think I’d like having them myself.
9. A toothbrush — because I hate having teeth sweaters.
10. A tarot deck — how else am I going to know about inner world?
11. My digital camera — because I need illustrations for my communiques with the world
12. A clicker — my word for those nifty candle lighters. Fire. Fire gooood.

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