Nimue’s Moon

Tonight’s moon ritual was really amazing. We just seem to get better and better. MarshAster and Cedar (I think) had the idea to do all casting and invocations silently. In fact, the only time we spoke, really, was during trance and then briefly, quietly during libation. The invocation that particularly moved me was for Spirit, when we really interacted with each other. And we had forgotten to “assign” it to anyone in our planning, so that made it even more awesome.

The trance left me with some images that are important to my writing. We were searching for our wildness — and I was working with this block I’ve developed recently with writing. A fear block. It presented itself as a sticky mass of spider webs (minus the spiders, thank the Goddess) that kept me from moving through. Nimue, the Lady we were working with this month, kindly left me a flaming torch to burn through it. And boy, did it burn through. So thanks to Nimue, Cedar and MarshAster for facilitating the trance.

I’m still brimming with energy and ideas for working with the silent ritual. Class ideas … hmm …

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