If I Type Real Fast, I Won’t Have to Think

I remembered today that I feel like an uncoordinated dork in step aerobic classes. However, the cueing was good, even if I couldn’t get some of the steps right, and all in all, I think I did pretty well. One of the people in the class asked if I had taken any other step classes. “Just in front of my television,” I told her. She said I did well. I’m glad someone thought so! The instructor was nice and made getting out of the house early seem not-so-bad. Tomorrow I have Pilates. Fair warning for my friends who listen to me whine — I am upping the ante again, and adding three aerobics classes to my weekly workout. I am an insane clown psycho monkey, yes, I am.

I’ll be taking a week off to go to Arizona, starting next Tuesday, so I’ll have to figure some way to not fall too far behind. Arizona friends, interested in doing any tapes while I’m there? ‘Cause I can see from today’s weather report that walking outside is not going to happen, unless we do it at 3 AM. Which is an option, I suppose, given that we are often up at that time when I visit. And no tempting me with evil food! Mom, this means you! (But I claim an exemption for at least one dish of your potato salad… mmmm…. mayonnaise (NEVER that nasty Miracle Whip) and mustard-y goodness.)

I’m feeling a little manic right now. I think I’m trying to rev my brain up so I don’t think about the fact that Jasmine’s birthday is a week away. Just typing that makes my eyes sting. I can’t let my brain go there today. Not till tonight. I have too much to do.

So anyway, yay, summer has officially started. Gab had her ridiculous 15 minute day yesterday, which wasn’t even 15 minutes! She was home before 15 minutes was up! What gives with that, I want to know? When I was in school (insert crochety old lady voice here), you know, back in MY day, we had a half day on the last day of school, AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY! Yeah. So next week Gab flies back to Arizona with us, and we’re going to leave her with my parents for a month. Then I’m going to try to talk my mom into coming back here for a month. I hope she goes for it. Wish me luck. I am fantasizing about Jeff and I having a night out with my friends Cedar and TLR (that’s The Lost Ramone, for anyone that’s mistaking it for that silly MTV TRL thing) in Peoria, maybe dancing somewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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