RAJ – Fun Stuff

When was the last time you…


Tonight at dinner — Nina put her cracker in Jeff’s drinking glass. I guess you had to be there…


This past Friday night, when I was missing Jasmine.

…drank too much?

Too much? How much is too much? If too much is until I feel shitty the next day, that would have been Saturday night.

…wrote a real letter?

Jeez, probably in high school.

…got mad?

Last night. I got mad at Jeff when he refused to admit to a certain behavior.

…yelled at someone/something?

I don’t remember.

…kissed someone?

I think I’ve kissed everyone in my immediate family in the past 24 hours.

…hugged someone?



Ah, now if I answer that, everyone who reads this will wonder about every conversation we’ve had in the past several weeks…

…did something nice for someone?


…went on a date?

What’s that? Oh, you mean when Jeff and I go out and do something without our kids? Let’s see if I can remember… Oh yeah, it would have been the last time my mom was here. I think.

…had (or went to) a party?

Jasmine’s wake in February. And it was wonderful.

…loved someone (or something) so much it scared you?

Every day of my life. My husband and my kids.

…ate something you didn’t like just to please someone else?

Something I REALLY didn’t like, or something I just didn’t want? ‘Cause I can’t remember the last time I ate something I really didn’t like, but I do often compromise on choices for something I want less.

…did something you didn’t want to do?

It’s been awhile. I think. For anything serious.

…gave up on something (or someone)

Again, it’s been awhile. It takes a lot to make me give up on someone or something I really believe in.

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