Tarot Permutation 4: About Bloomington

I know I said no more today, but once I started working with this one, I wanted to post it. One more permutation, The Path of Hermes. This one is based on the tetragrammaton, and the cards are arranged in three interlocking triangles.

Card 1: 2 of Wands — The commencement of the commencement. What are you impelled to begin? What are you trying to manifest?

Literally looking at the picture on the card, trying to chart a new course for us. So much has changed.

Card 2: Ace of Pentacles — The opposition to the commencement. What opposes this beginning?

Jeff getting a job.

Card 3: 9 of Cups — The integration of the commencement. How can you integrate the commencement and the opposition (as known by your unconscious self)? What basis for integration is there?

In this card, a man is sitting with all cups full behind him. He seems happy, smug. He has taken the right steps to have such fullness behind him. I’m not sure how this ties in, other than, we’re seeking happiness and fulfillment. Any insights on this would be great.

Card 4: 8 of Swords — The commencement of the opposition. How do you oppose the new impulse? What in you resists change?

Again, falling back on the image, the card shows a woman, bound and blindfolded, surrounded by eight swords with a castle in the distance. She is standing on earth and water and is wearing red, the color of fire. Maybe I’m communicating too much about this, confusing myself by overthinking it. (Yeah, I know, you came to this conclusion about two posts ago).

Card 5: The Magician — The opposition to the opposition. How do you reassert and envision your desire?

By returning to the basics, by assessing what tools are available and using them wisely. I have good tools in the Midwest. I will have to build them again in Arizona.

Card 6: 7 of Cups — The integration of the opposition. What decision do you make? What action do you take?

I don’t get this card in this position at all. I see a person shadowed by visions of wealth in the clouds. I’m not sure how that applies to a decision or action.

Card 7: Death — The commencement of the integration. How do you begin integrating your desires with your sense of self?

By stripping everything down to it essence and reexamining it.

Card 8: 5 of Wands — The opposition to the integration. What external considerations do you have to take into account? How might you have to compromise with others?

Well, there’s the considerations of my immediate family. And then the considerations of my extended family, as well, who really want us to move back home. This is definitely one of the biggest sources of conflict for me.

Card 9: 3 of Wands — The integration of the integration. What boundaries and limitations must you learn to work within? What do you need to learn?

Hm, this doesn’t really clear anything up, but the first thing that came to mind is that there are more people involved here than just me. If it were just me, the decision would be easier.

Card 10: Justice — The reward or result and the seed of new action. What is the outcome of this cycle? What do you see as the commencement of the new cycle?

That the outcome of the struggle — if we stay in Bloomington — will be balance and an equal relationship between Jeff and I.

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