First Official Meeting

We are currently going with Desert Rain Coven as our name. I say currently because we reserve the right to change the name if it becomes apparent that we should at some point in the birthing of this (much like choosing a name for a baby in utero, I think), but I really think it’s going to stick. Just like fire stimulates growth on the prairie, rain stimulates growth in the desert.

We had our first official meeting Friday night and had quite an agenda to work through. It took us quite awhile, even though we did a good job of staying on task, but we really accomplished a lot. We started on our Statement of Practice, a document intended to outline our basic philosophies, ethics and practices for anyone interested in our coven. We used the Prairie Fire Coven statement as a model, and while there will definitely be similarities between the two, we are working to make it our own. We also started our By-Laws, set our calendar for the remainder of the year and set ourselves up for our two initial major tasks: setting up the coven as we read through Starhawk’s Truth or Dare and Amber K’s Covencraft and finding the right pantheon for our group.

To find the pantheon, we came up with a fun exercise — we are going to spend the next six months immersing ourselves in six different mythologies to find the right one. We are starting with the Greeks, and will work our way through the Egyptian, Hindu, Norse, Sumerian and Irish mythologies before we finish up in February. Our immersion will include mythology (obviously), customs, food, history, magickal systems and a personal daily practice with deities of the month’s pantheon. The moon ritual for each month will honor the deities and pantheon of the month. It’s going to be great fun!

We wrote a ritual for the full moon — we are celebrating on Monday — that honors the healing of wounds we did in December, our fresh start now and helps to create the right environment to grow our coven. It’s going to be awesome.

We also came up with some more things to discuss re: the tradition, which I will post about to that email list soon. All in all, a very productive night.

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