This Month’s Pantheon: Greek

I’m thinking about Dionysus and Artemis for my focus this month. I’m interested in working with Dionysus because of the ecstatic rituals, the dancing and singing. He’s perceived as dangerous, but I think where there’s danger, there’s power, and often, ignorance. One line that intrigued me in particular; “The idea that Dionysus had the power to drive mortals to insanity often frightened officials who were responsible for law and order, and the fact that his rites were particularly popular with women only increased the level of public disquiet.” Dionysian rituals had a religious aim: “to burst through social restraints into a world of divine, chaotic freedom and abandonment.” With my issues around body, sex, voice and movement, I feel drawn to this.

I chose Artemis because she is the goddess of women and female secrets, which frankly are an issue with me. I need to work through some of my baggage around femininity. The huntress — the wild — the moon — these all feel like powerful ways to connect with my feminine side in a strong way. I also found this interesting: “Artemis partially absorbed the attributes of Hecate, another goddess of the moon and also of ghosts and witchcraft… this association with a feared sorceress gave a menacing aspect to Artemis’s character.” Oh really? Power in women = scary. Power in women who are not wishing to be men = scary. Imagine that.

Oh yeah, and the quotes are from Myth and Mankind: Titans and Olympians by Time-Life Books.

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