August Moon – Barely

Last night’s ritual rocked. It was our first ritual together in support of Desert Rain Coven, but more importantly, it was a recognition of where TS and I have been and preparation for where we are going.

Ritual with TS has always been deep, moving and personal. Last night was no exception. Our intention was to honor the healing we’ve done and the growth that resulted from those wounds, to acknowledge where we are now and to begin to create the right environment with the wealth of tools we have at our disposal. In preparation, we picked out tarot cards that represented these stages — using the Spiral Tarot deck (my personal favorite), we picked the Justice card for the first stage, to represent the balancing of our emotional and spiritual scales. We picked the Star and the Fool for the middle stage, signifying our emergence from the rubble of the Tower, our fresh approach and that we are both simultaneously at the beginning and end of a journey. The final card was the Magician, which we felt represented the tools and abilities we have to create this coven.

Our magickal work to support this included water work, herbcrafting and chanting. The perfect chant seemed to be the Rumi chant about beauty:

Let the beauty we love
Be what we do
There are hundreds of ways
To kneel and kiss the ground

We are still finding our space with each other in ritual — we have both changed and developed styles over the past four years, which is fabulous. It’s kind of like sex in a new relationship — your partner doesn’t know all the “happy” spots yet, but they do some things you’ve never experienced before that are just as thrilling for their newness. Because we have the history we do, I imagine it won’t take long for us to become comfortable together.

This weekend I will get to see IV for the first time since our one post-camp meeting. I am nervous about it — very much so. There is a reckoning to be made, and I have to make it while still remaining true to my own emotions and experiences. Much compassion, please, for myself and for IV.

Our next coven meeting is on the 10th, and that will be the beginning of our book study and yet another business meeting. This time we will designate a note taker, and that person will be aided by my digital voice recorder that I finally found — yay!

I haven’t forgotten my final entry on covening… it’s coming. Now that Jeff’s home, there is SO much to do and I don’t have as much time to write. Things will settle soon.

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