Maenads & Nymphs & Gods, Oh My!

I am a fluttery mass of excitement right now — I can’t even put the words together. Read this: and then this: (which is the path I’m taking at camp) and then this: And I have a strong connection to and relationship with wine — holy shit, shit, shit. I haven’t had this click, this pull, since Brighid, and if I’m completely honest, I think this is stronger. And remember I am working with Artemis too — note the relationship between Artemis and Dionysus in the first article.

And check out the wealth of info here:

These women, the Maenads, that’s what I’ve been looking for in Greek society — women who said, “Fuck you,” to the oppression and the second class status. Who laughed at the restraints of society. Damn. Just — damn. Sometimes the gods just strike you right between the eyes.

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