Too Much!

Okay, I guess this will be my first “post that I couldn’t post elsewhere”… My brother won a tv at his company picnic. He has two daughters — one will turn one tomorrow and the other is three. Guess where the new tv is going? The three year old? Oh, heck no. She already has one in her room. No, it’s going in the one year old’s room! I felt guilt about letting my eight year old have a tv in her room — one that I monitor constantly to make sure she’s not watching too much! But one? One?! I’m almost ready to take G’s tv away in protest-by-proxy!

I agonize over the time G spends watching tv over reading — and I’m vigilant about it. My brother and his wife don’t know — and don’t want to know — what impact their choices make on their kids. It is so, so hard to watch them go about the business of parenting. And yet, I worry about being elitist in my approach. Who am I to criticize or worry?

I need to think about it more… maybe I’ll post more later.

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