Why Is It?

Why do people who know me think that whenever I write something it must be about them? I remember reading about this, that writers often are isolated either because people think the writer was writing about them, or because the writer actually was writing about them and it wasn’t flattering. It must be a genuine phenomena if books on writing mention it, right? And honestly, I find myself doing the same thing when I read the journal of someone I know. Thing is, I ask if I think I’m the subject and something about the post bothers me. Why don’t other people do that?

So that’s the trade I’ll make? If I write something, everyone wonders who it’s about, even if it’s about nothing? I’ll have to think about that. It certainly limits my topics if the only things I can write about without worrying about someone else’s paranoia are topics that only I, in my circle of friends and family, have experienced.

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