Autumn Equinox

So last night we decided that the quarterly celebrations, which are open to family, friends and congregants (though we don’t have any congregants right now), must be held on weekends because we like to celebrate too much. Jeff had to get up for a flight this morning at 5 AM, and everyone else had to do the get ready for work/school thing. We were all dragging.

The food was most excellent, but I definitely think my highlight was the play the kids put on about the Persephone story. I don’t think I can adequately describe what a great job they did, and they really hit the point of this being the time of year that Persephone goes down to the Underworld. I can’t believe we didn’t video it — we won’t make that mistake again. I loved involving the kids that way. It is important for Gabrielle to experience this path as a living, active thing.

Jeff and I worked on talking TS’s husband into attending the Men’s Weekend with Jeff at Diana’s Grove. I hope they decide to go. Jeff’s experience there was amazing. I think if he went every year, the momentum for change would carry through.

The only unfortunate thing is that everytime I drink wine I play Russian Roulette with a migraine, and this morning, my number was up. It’s finally starting to fade, but it was a bad one.

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