On “Fluffy Bunny Pagans” and “Serious” Pagans

Live and let live.

Good gods. One side is complaining because the other side thinks they have it right and vice versa. Can we just step back and realize that what works for you might not work for me and so on? Can we just recognize that there are other valid paths to the Divine? Can we just fucking recognize that what is really important about spirituality is that you find a way to connect with the Divine and not that you — and only you — have figured out the “correct/authentic/real” way to do that, whether it be stepping into the White Light or recreating an ancient practice?

Today an argument was posed that the problem with “fluffy bunny pagans” is that they’ve only read one or two books and think that they know everything. It seems this is very annoying to those “serious” pagans who’ve read a million books and also think they know everything. I propose this: it matters less how much you’ve read than it does that you find a way to experience God as you perceive He/She/It.

In saying that, I also acknowledge that I personally find it important to be educated about my spiritual path. But for Pete’s sake, the book learning — or lack thereof — means nothing if you can’t apply it. And I’m not so stuck on my own preferences that I disallow — or disdain — other people doing it differently. Just shut up with the hypocritical complaining already.


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