Okay, okay, I get it! I’ll read the damned book!

Today while working on some coursework with The Irish Pagan School (which I highly recommend, by the by), I had my third recommendation to read Atomic Habits by James Clear. I ordered the damned book.

The first recommendation came from one of my best and longest-termed friends, someone who knows me well and someone with whom I have a lot in common (though I maintain she’s much more accomplished than I am, especially in the realm of Getting Things Done). I took a look at the book on Audible at that point and read  the reviews, which said an awful lot about how the audiobook version was okay, but that there were so many mentions to check on visuals that it just made more sense to buy the book.

Also, I resisted because it felt a little like … well, like the books I used to sell to middle-aged people who were trying to get their shit together back in my bookstore days. And, uh, I didn’t really want to fully claim my status as a middle-aged person trying to get their shit together.

But then the second mention came from someone I follow on Goodreads. And then today, the third mention – kind of an imperative, really – came from a course I’m taking with The Irish Pagan School. Along  with a video to watch. And that video, frankly, was the tipping point.

So I’ve ordered it because it seems to fit pretty nicely with this new system I’m trying to use (see yesterday’s post) and because, well, what good Irish-American Pagan would ignore something that came knocking three times? Not this witch!

One thought on “Okay, okay, I get it! I’ll read the damned book!

  1. Hahaha. That’s great! I love James Clear, and followed him for a long while, as he formed the content that became the book through his regular newsletters. Great stuff. I also love the GTD method, but have never been able to really make it work for me. I’m trying, yet again, but now informed by the fact that it appears I have adhd. Go figs. So anyway…I’m also working on getting my shit together, and actively devoting time and energy to it. With you in solidarity!!!


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