I’ve been thinking about this for awhile anyway, but after I read this article, I thought… is it any wonder that I grew up to be Pagan? or that I now find myself walking with Dionysos?

Dad, did you know what you were doing when you erected an imaginary shrine to Jim Morrison in our home? Did you know how I would follow in your footsteps, but that I would actually stick with the spiritual, and not slide over the edge into addiction? Did you know that the worship of Dionysos was real, or did you just think that was another of Jim’s stories? When we danced to “The Crystal Ship” at my wedding, did you know then? When I read every word of every book I ever gave you about the Doors, when I sat with my friends and critiqued the Oliver Stone movie that only got it partially right, when I saw a deeper meaning than simple drunkeness in Jim’s life, and when you tried to tell me that Jim was into Dionysian ecstasy, did you know upon which path you were setting my feet?

I wonder.

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