September Moon

Last night we had planned an important ritual — a journey to ask Dionysos for some revelation about a Goddess. Instead, we responded to the needs of our coven and had a recharging ritual. It was kind of cool, actually, and very appropriate. Taking some inspiration from the other night’s tarot reading, we did tarot readings for our chakras. Then we did a 30 minute guided meditation to clear and recharge the aura and chakras. Finally, I did some work to clarify how best to help Jeff find the right job, how best to support him. It was a beautiful thing, complete with thunder, lightning and a little bit of rain.

This ritual marked our first invocation of Dionysos — TS drummed while I danced. It was sort of impromptu — I began with speaking and then my feet just sort of moved on their own. It was very powerful and, as TS remarked, very sexual. We spent a fair amount of time before and during ritual laying on our backs and staring up at the cloudy moonlit sky. The contrast between the silver clouds and the darkest blue black sky was remarkable. At one point, when we were having some discussion of goddesses, a cloud-Ariadne drifted by. And during our meditation, I actually got a little cool. Fall is such a welcome thing in the desert.

I was so happy that we were able to make a plan that supported our members and still provided (for me anyway) a very full ritual experience. I felt a little less awkward than last month, a little less like the clunking of teeth on the first kiss. This thing that we are building is so good.

I have been thinking a fair bit lately about IV, and tonight she posted in her journal some things that made me realize we’re still on the same wavelength in many ways. I know there’s a way to work things out — I do — and I anticipate that doing so will help grow the tradition too.

Oh yeah — last night’s cards?

Root = 4 of Wands
Sacral = Ace of Swords
Solar Plexus = High Priestess
Heart = 9 of Wands
Throat = 4 of Swords
Brow = Queen of Pentacles
Crown = 7 of Swords

Any insights on that last one would be appreciated. The rest were pretty right on the money.

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