A Mid-Autumn Afternoon’s Dream

I just woke up from a very strange dream. What is it about middle-of-the-day dreams, anyway? Let alone sick-puppy-coughing-up-a-lung dreams. I’m pretty sure at least the setting of this dream was influenced by a recent “Firefly” marathon (such as a marathon can be with only 15 episodes) and my dismay at Joss Whedon’s news today that the movie, “Serenity,” has been been pushed back to a release date of Sept. 30 instead of April 22. Curses!

Anyway, here’s what I remember. In my dream, I was an apprentice ranger/magician. I came to awareness as I was leaving a town, heading out on a dirt road to an unknown destination. I was in pursuit of a rather tempestuous young girl, someone who’s family was of some kind of standing. She was fleeing on horseback, small and covered in a black and dark green cloak. Every so often, I would get a glimpse of black hair flying out of her hood.

I headed down the road after her — and did I mention this is one of those dreams where I am a man? — taking in the very green and lush woods around me. Inside the walled town behind me, there is a curious mixture of machinery and history. Think… Blade Runner meets Robin Hood. Outside town, machines are not around. The road I’m walking on is well-packed dirt and there is nary a machine in site.

I’m carrying a crossbow and a sword, apparently my weapons of choice. I am newly out of some kind of academy, and while I’ve been trained to use magic, I’m not very confident about it and hesitant. I quickly come across an old magic-user. I think he was a druid of some kind — living in harmony with the earth (or at least it appeared that way). I spend some time with him, and I’m sort of in a hurry to find this girl. He gives me some provisions and sends me on my way with an admonishment to watch out for the bands of thieves. I move quickly down the road away from town, darkness falling.

Quickly, I sense the woods are not as empty as they seem. The closer I get to the trees, the more I begin to sense movement, large movement. Somehow I can feel the gathering tension of the thieves and I know the moment they are poised to attack. I quickly scramble to a place of cover and take aim, shooting most of them. Suddenly, the girl on the horse flies by me, heading back towards the town. And as I turn to pursue her, I realize that one of the thieves is also a magic-user, but that s/he isn’t anywhere near as hesitant as I am to use it. The hair on the back of my arms stands as I flee, narrowly missing some kind of scary spell.

Oddly, they don’t pursue me. As all this was taking place, full darkness fell. After a time, I made my way back to the path and trudged along. Coming upon the magician’s house, I ask for shelter for the night. He agrees and lets me into his little cottage, which inexplicably has air conditioning. How do I know? I saw the unit as I walked in his back door. I have no idea where any electricity was coming from because there were no power lines in sight. At any rate, as we’re eating dinner, I relay my experience to the man, who tells me the woman is deep in the woods behind his cottage. But before I go seek her out, he teaches me to throw fire from my right hand by pulling energy from the earth, concentrating it and willing it. The sensation of learning to do this was very visceral and I can feel it now, as if I were remembering something I actually did earlier today.

As I’m preparing to enter the woods, the remains of the earlier group appear further up the road. The man disappears — he’s simply not there. I turn to face the group, suddenly more willing to rely on my magical training than my weaponry. I plow a huge fireball into the ground at their feet — a warning — and they scatter. I continue into the woods to find the woman.

I find her in a boat, a very flimsy kayak type boat made out of woods. I’m not sure why, but I enter the boat with her. Being near her sets all my erotic antennae on fire — and still, I can’t touch her. When I try, I fall out of the boat and into the water.

That’s when I woke up, sadly alone and aroused, with the noise of my children right outside my door.

Things that make you go hm. Any thoughts? When I woke up, I felt like I had to write this, like as a story, but I don’t understand it.

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