January — the Full Moon of Emerging Spring

This is the Full Moon of Spring Emerging.

Rain, birds singing, more rain, eggshells on the sidewalk, green grass everywhere… the rare kind that sprouts in the fleeting spring of the desert. I can’t wait for the flowers.

The Power of Illumination: The magic of visibility

What is the quality or power of illumination that is “full” in you?

Four of Cups. What is full in me right now is the realization of what I’m willing to accept in terms of emotional fulfillment from loved ones.

What is the “Mystery” that you can see clearly in the moonlight?

King of Cups. The pinnacle of emotional understanding. I can see it, but I’m still working towards it.

The Magician holds the full moon in his hand. He has many aspects of magic within him, but he has one that he is impelled to share with the world. And so do you… What aspect of wonder is yours to share?

Judgment. Hm. Calling back the pieces of me. The ability to consider the whole. The principle of good judgment. That’s an interesting card to pull right now.

In the light of the full moon, when dreams are more real than reality, I ask you…

What agreement did you make before you were born?

I agreed to be the Magician… the person with the tools to navigate the path. I agreed to go where I wanted others to go — to lead by example, not by admonishment.

Did you agree to meet someone at this time and in the place called your present lifetime? Did that agreement change your life or theirs?

I’m sure I did — being mindful of my impact on community is part of this awareness. If I change someone else’s life, I change my own as well.

You agreed to take part in the time called now. What did you agree to do?

I agreed to remember and use the tools I’ve spent the past four years accumulating. I agreed to hold on to the person I’ve uncovered and share that person with others.

Was there a truth you came to tell? A story you came to live, a life you came to live, or save, or change or touch?

My truth — while all truths are true for their owners, they may not be true for others. The story I live is my own. I don’t hold it out as an example of what is “right”, but I do live with awareness that my actions may impact others in ways I could never foresee. I try to be careful not to live in hubris — thinking I know better than others what is best for them.

What agreement did you make with life?

I agreed to walk the winding path and fill my bag along with way. I agreed to be the Fool and at the end, I agreed to be the Fool with the full bag.

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