Things I Want to Remember: Cinco de Mayo 10K 2013

The surprise of nerves, worry about being last.
I only had three safety pins, so one corner of my bib flapped in the breeze.
The police officer at the almost halfway point who said, “You’re doing great, keeping a good pace!”
Looking back and realizing I was far from being last.
The two women ahead of me who motivated me to move faster because it seemed so easy for them.
The sun is not my friend; pockets of shade are. I will walk farther if it means I can be out of the sun.
A breeze is awesome, floating seeds look like snowy flowers and whirlwinds are bad for my contacts.
I took Steve’s advice and didn’t run until the second half. No negative split!
The guy who clapped me on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go!” when I was tired and stopped running near the end.
Hearing my name when I crossed the finish line.
Realizing I had crushed any prior personal record for pace.
Skipping the beer line.
Having to walk from the train station because I wasn’t going to wait 48 minutes for the bus (that added a mile to my day).
The fabulous taste of icy cold chocolate soy milk when I got home.
Texts and messages on FB from friends and family.
Love, and love, and love.

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