Things I Want to Remember: Portland RnR Half Marathon 2013

Intense pleasure at the forecast for cool, cloudy, and possibly rainy weather.

The truly awesome expo, and being there with the person who inspired me to start this beautiful madness.

The Max, packed with other marathoners, and feeling pride in the way Trimet assisted racers.

Our first approach to the waterfront, and being amongst the first to arrive.

Finding my way to my corral – the last one – and wondering again about being last (but being far less stressed about it).

Focusing on the 3:30 pace team waaaaay ahead of me and wanting to pass them. 

Trying like hell to get past people who spread out in the course (and succeeding).

Naito Parkway isn’t as brutal when the sun isn’t beating down.

Hitting mile 6 and feeling fantastic.

The gorram killer endless hill of Hawthorne Blvd – that I conquered pretty easily thanks to inadvertent hill training over the past months.

The adorable little boy on 37th who made my hand sting with the awesome force of his high five.

The realization that I had crafted a truly awesome playlist.

Enjoying the SE neighborhood and soaking in the PDX love.

Sailing past mile 10 and feeling a little apprehensive as I realized I’d never been past mile 11.

Second curly-haired cutie giving me a high five – I felt like a rock star and those kids will probably never know how long their high fives sustained me.

The long monotony of Lloyd Blvd, infused with incredulity that I was past mile 11.

Approaching the Steel Bridge with my hera and moving across with confidence.

Crossing the finish line with linked hands held high.

The embrace of my family as I came across the line – my partner even more emotional than I was.

Realizing that my time was MUCH better than I’d expected.

Feeling suffused with joy and accomplishment and hoping my dad could feel part of it, wherever he is.

(I’ll add more pics when I can afford to pick up the ones from the marathon photogs!)


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