no matter where I go, there I am

If you’ve been here before, you know I’ve renamed the blog. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately thinking about my roots in Wicca, why I moved away – and then back – and then away – and then back, and seriously, may I have this dance?

A lot of my movement and growth has been motivated by listening to someone else talk about how fluffy/false/monotheistic/lame/shallow/wrong/wrong/wrong something about Wicca is, from philosophy to the entirety of the tradition. And while I’m tempted to mock the mocker, ultimately I have to nod my head in gratitude. I grew and really made a faith my own because of all that chatter.

I think there is a reason I keep coming back to these practices. They spoke to my soul and have continued to speak. I know a great deal about my tradition’s history because people around me questioned, which led to me questioning. But I always come back to this place of connection and comfort and it IS inherently Wiccan, in all its mosaic, derivative glory.

So I’m changing the name of the blog to reflect this. It’s a play on the word “awakening.” Will practice with Isis continue? Of course. So will my relationship with Brighid and the Morrighan and Dionysos and so it goes. I continue to bow to scholarship because it is important to me, but I also wish to follow the pull of my blood and my heart. Taking inventory. It’s a start.

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