I imagine I am not alone when I say I am living in a constant state of overwhelm right now. There’s the constant background drone of the decline of our country, the rabid messaging around the Democratic primaries, the coronavirus, political insanity on the global level, oppression of indigenous rights (also on a global scale), being mindful, being thoughtful, a new job, and a laundry list of things that need to be done on the daily. I am, my friends, tired. And as I already said, overwhelmed. I find myself responding by checking out, which is not how I’d like to be responding. On the other hand, I am not interested in being engaged at the attack level that is so often the default on social media. It’s like we want to state our case so forcefully because it’s so important, and I get that, but also, it comes so hard and so fast that I literally cannot process it. So I turn away.

I’m looking for ways to re-engage that are healthy and productive. And meaningful. Working on local IRL engagement rather than online stuff. So I’m getting through the training for the women’s shelter. And learning a new job. Making new friends. Trying to find ways to record what I’d like to write about here (I have a plan for that, actually). But I’m curious… how do you take care? How do you live with the bombardment? Am I the only one feeling this?

2 thoughts on “Overwhelm

  1. You are not alone. I find my self with psychological whiplash as i look at the news and see empty shelves in local stores. I am solving this by focusing on local news sources and leaving the national news for the occasional sip so I don’t miss something big. I am a farmer so for me it is a bit easier to fall into our microcosm but at the same time I am looking at the impact on my business if folks stop going out to eat and stragizing on how to safely bring people to the farm for healthy dairy food. I feel like I am living in a partial thought out Stephen King novel. Fortunately my spiritual space is walking among goats and scanning a clear blue or star filled sky. My church surrounds me and I am very fortunate in that because if I were dependent on a social gathering space it would likely be disrupted by our current crisis

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    • I mean, not “like” but a fist bump in solidarity. Especially yes to the partially thought out King novel. Sad to say I don’t trust the gov’t agencies to report based on science and health with this administration. They’ll literally let people die to make a buck.


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