Video Posts? And Speaking of Shit & Fans.

The MarcoPolo app makes me think that I may like to make a few video posts – that’s new territory for me. Anyone want to see this mug?

Also… the shit is hitting the fan in the most horrendous way. I have been planning a trip to the woods around Atlanta, GA for a few months now – plane tickets and an airbnb cabin have been secured – and I am afraid those plans may need to be derailed. So like… first it was “what would you do if you were living in a fascist regime, because that’s what you’re doing right now” and now it’s “what would you do in the zombie apocalypse, because that’s what you’re doing right now.” Oy vey. Apparently my answer is… working the front lines in healthcare. NOT what I would have predicted or answered five years ago.

And also, I really need this retreat. May have to happen a bit later in the season though. I’m sure there’s a lesson here somewhere. Maybe… “wash your damned hands!”

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