War & Peace

Things resolved with my nephew – he has returned to Arizona indefinitely. I told him he would need to stay until there is no risk of infection. Based on the latest information, not only is my mom at risk because of her COPD and heart disease, so is Jeff with his blood thinners and heart issues. I cannot and will not risk their health because some members of my family are willfully ignorant and incredibly selfish.

I will go into work for a few hours on Monday to notify our patients that we are taking at least 2 weeks off. I anticipate that it will be longer than that, and also that there is a good possibility that I may be ultimately laid off. I know my employer will do what they can to avoid that, but also I know that this is going to have a huge, multi-faceted impact on our community. And honestly I am quite at peace about this.

I don’t know what lies ahead. I am less at peace about this. I don’t have much faith in our federal government to provide support. I think that our culture’s emphasis on money is going to literally be the death of many people in the US. Mother Earth is cleaning house. We are reaping what we have sown. I hope that we can be much wiser when this is over.

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