Endless Anger Metaphors Ensue

My dad used to growl deep in his throat when he was very, very angry. Angry not in a quick-burning flash and then gone way, but in a years-burning-coal-under-the-soil kinda way. And that’s where I am today. My mother’s health is not being taken seriously by people who should be taking it seriously. By people who have been supported by her to her own detriment. By people who have taken advantage, over and over.

And I’m really, really done taking the high road. Before I scorch the earth, I am going to eat and sleep and have another day at work. Because I have to think and because I don’t want to regret anything I do or say. And because I have to make sure that what I say is based on these recent moments and not deeper issues. Because that’s what my dad did when he was at this level of fury. And because a precision strike is much more effective than a nuclear bomb when you want to effect change and not annihilation.

4 thoughts on “Endless Anger Metaphors Ensue

    • Thanks. I’m working on doing this with my grown-up powers, but man, my mom’s important to me, and this is not the time to be running around town, not washing hands and generally pretending everything is fun and games… despite repeated requests to do otherwise. I’ll be cooler-headed tomorrow. Mostly.


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