Uh Huh

Recent events in my coven… I’m not even sure I’m in a place where I can have the objectivity I need to journal about it. Maybe in a few days I’ll try to put down a timeline of the pertinent events. I know there are lessons to be learned from it and am in the process of going over that with my coven members. Those of you who read my journal here — well, I’ll give you a call and update you in person about it. Right now I just feel simultaneously raw and thankful. I am raw from being slapped at all day, but grateful to my coven for sticking together through this and seeking stability. What do you do when you have been crystal clear about structure and training and then someone says you haven’t? What do you do when someone is acting out of woundedness and refuses to see it or move out of it? Do you just retreat and protect yourself? What do you do when you are standing on the cornerstones and the person you’re dealing with refuses to do so also? Just disengage? Hm.

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