Bitch, Piss & Moan

We are stuck in a quagmire of doing-nothingness. It’s a combination of being sick, having Nina and having trouble with motivation. I want to hire someone to help us get the house ready to sell, but Jeff is really resistant. It’s driving me crazy. I just want the things done, the sooner the better, so we can get out of here in June as planned.

I have a list of thank-you’s that I need to get out. Next week I start with the organizing of the house, which will probably result in large boxes of clothing and other items leaving the house bound for some worthy charity. That is a good thing.

I think I’m writing just to write today. Gabrielle is home for spring break, and getting her back to school on Monday will be a good thing too. She’s spending time this week with a tutor, working on her math skills, which have suffered over the past year with missing so much school. I guess those days are, for the most part, past us.

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