Tarot Reading: About Bloomington

Another tarot reading today. In the interest of fairness, I did a “What happens if we stay in Bloomington?” spread. Here’s what I got:

Significator: The Star
Situation: 2 of Wands
Crossing: Ace of Pentacles
Before: 8 of Swords
Ahead: 7 of Cups
Below: 9 of Cups
Above: The Magician
Me: Death
Environment: 5 of Wands
Hopes/Fears: 3 of Wands
Outcome: Justice

Sky Cards: The Tower, The Chariot & The Wheel of Fortune
*River, these were in the first five cards; do I use them all?
Cards Add Up To: 14 – Temperance

Common cards include the Magician, the Star, Ace of Pentacles, and 9 of Cups. This reading makes me feel uneasy, mostly because of those Sky cards. In the center of the cross I see the Star signifying me, the querent. To me, this card is about being naked and free in the wake of the Tower falling, about being able to make decisions based on spiritual wisdom. The situation being the 2 of Wands reflects the decision and my ability to make it, working with Jeff. The 8 of Swords in the Before position reflects the State Farm experience and that is definitely behind me, though the door was opened again recently. Ahead is the 7 of Cups, which shows a human form shadowed by his or her own fantasies. This makes me wonder if I’m being realistic about staying, about what could happen here. This could also be about Jeff, about his career search and whether or not he’s being realistic. That the Ace of Pentacles is between the two really makes me think this is about careers and flourishing in the sense of resources.
That people see me or us acting as the Death card is somewhat unnerving. It could be that we are trying to get to the bones of this situation to make the decision. It could also be about being stuck in old patterns, which could apply to either staying or going, frankly. The 5 of Wands in the environment reflects how I feel about this decision — internally conflicted and challenged. The 3 of Wands in hopes and fears reflects my concerns and hopes about expanding myself and my family — where is the best place to do that? And Justice in the outcome slot doesn’t feel like an outcome so much as admonishment to make the freaking decision, already. I guess it could also be about finding balance. It’s not so bad, as outcome cards go, I guess.

The sky cards are, as I mentioned, troubling. These cards are supposed to illuminate the reading, and they are supposed to be any major arcana cards that show up in the first five cards after I’ve drawn for my reading. The Tower is about crumbling old structures, habits, institutions. Usually that is a good thing. Mary Greer says it can also be about outgrowing your environment — that’s a not so good thing. But in the sense of overlooking this reading, that would be one of the questions it would ask. What structures need to fall and why? The Wheel of Fortune, my personality card, is about cycles, ups and downs. What cycles am I participating in? Are they constructive? The Chariot is holding opposites. I also see moving in this card, since it has a cart, though that movement could be spiritual or intellectual, as the beings attached to the cart are sphinxes in this deck. So what opposites am I working with? Is moving the right thing? Duh, that’s what I’m trying to figure out!

River, if you wouldn’t mind shedding more light on the role of the sky card, that would be awesome. I know you’re out for awhile at the Grove, but whenever… I like what I grasp of the idea, but I just want to know more, especially when multiple cards show up here. As always, I’m open to comments.

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