night news

Just a quick entry. If you are not a parent, this will probably mean nothing to you, but last night Nina spent the entire night in her own bed — woo hoo! She still woke up for about an hour from 2 – 3, but I just sat with her in her bedroom until she fell back asleep. I didn’t even have to nurse her down. And when she woke up this morning, she didn’t cry, she sat and played for awhile.

This is a huge step for Van Steenberg-kind, most especially for our sex life. Let’s hear it for the bed without the baby in it!

In other nighttime news, I had another weird dream last night. Jasmine was back for a “visit” and I was torn between wanting to let her spend time with her sisters and wanting her all to myself. I finally settled for letting her make the decision, but made sure everyone understood that her time was limited. She looked so good in my dream — her hair was a little longer and very shiny. Her eyes were bright and she was very happy.

Sometimes I wish I could just stay asleep.

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