I mean, it isn’t quite six months since I last posted. I have two weeks until it’s been six months. But things are brewing in my life even still. Things like a new job, like a serious run at a Master in Social Work, like a revitalization of the tradition my soul sistah and I created 20 years ago – the tradition I had recently been calling the Liminal Trad, but which I have returned to calling the Cassandra tradition. Things like getting healthier in body, mind and spirit. Things like a pulling away from the social media sound-byte/pretty-picture world. Things like coming up on 50 and caring a lot less about things that just don’t matter… Things. And what I’d like to do, dear reader (are there dear readers still out there?), is get back to posting in a more meaningful way with more exposition and less meme.

So like, drop me a line. Are you here? Are you newly here? Are you willing to engage beyond the sharing of someone else’s story or photograph? Let’s do this.

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